HAVING been a fan of the Osmonds in the 70s, I wondered if I would like Jimmy on his own in this show.

Well, I wasn’t disappointed. Having seen him perform on Masterchef this year, I thought then what a pleasant man he was, and this came out right through this show.

Unfortunately, the auditorium was only half full, and when he appeared he made a joke of it, saying: “Say, is there a seat for me out there?”

He then started the show the same way Andy Williams always did, with the opening to his most famous song, Moon River, from the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

He was accompanied by two guest singers, Emily Penny, who had a really good strong voice, and one of Simon Cowell’s discoveries, a young man called Charlie Green who also had a very good voice.

In the background on stage were three video screens showing scenes from Andy Williams’ shows through the years and film of his songs, while Jimmy ran through his best numbers. Jimmy showed his first appearance with the Osmonds on the Andy Williams Show at the grand old age of four, singing Red Roses for a Blue Lady – totally cringeworthy but nevertheless enjoyable.

The Osmond’s numbers made another appearance later in the show as he ran though Love Me for a Reason and Crazy Horses, which cheered up the Osmonds’ fans.

Emily Penny did two appearances doing some Dusty Springfield songs and Cilla numbers, suitably dressed in 60s gear, and while this was going on Jimmy was walking among the audience and shaking people’s hands and sitting with them.

He is a very pleasant man indeed and I for one could easily enjoy it all again.

Pam Parker