THIS was another outstanding show by the junior members of the Abergavenny Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society who have won national awards for past productions.

The standard gets higher and director Jaci Brickley Clark said after the show that the company's future looks very bright.

Only Boys Aloud singer Miles Harding was superb as the headmistress of St Godley's Academy for Girls who put on the musical to save their school from closure. In his dual role as Captain Ahab he was ably assisted by the supremely talented duo Maddie Robertson as Ishmael and Millie Francis as Starbuck.

Newcomer Zoe Hughes as captain's wife Esta and ten year old Tom Davies as the cabin boy Pip will be names remembered in future. Excellent supporting roles came from Caitlyn Price, Anni Rees and Amy Price and there was a memorable debut from Finn Stafford.

Kerrigan Heffernan gave his best ever performance as the school janitor and Falesha Lewis came from the shadows to give an outstanding rendition of the cannibal Queequeg.

Molly Brickley Clark, star of so many productions, demonstrated her talent as the choreographer and led the colourful chorus as the gospel preacher.

A high energy, exuberant show not to be missed.

Lesley Flynn