SHOWING for just a four-day run, Grease, at Newport’s Dolman Theatre, is a show to see.

Bringing the 1950s-based Rydell High students to life, the boys with their iconic leather jackets alongside the famous Pink Ladies, this Los Angeles-based story will brighten up your night, whether you are a fan of musicals or not. 

The young cast perform superbly and while the facilities and props are amateur, the acting and effort is that of a professional display.

Performing arts graduate Bethan Searle as Sandy Dumbrowski and 23-year-old primary school teacher Joseph Gibson as Danny Zuko both give top-class renditions of the characters who wowed cinema audiences in the 1970s.

The play follows the plot of the movie with just one or two exceptions, notably an interesting and amusing scene between Jordan Leigh as Roger and Fiona Davies as Jan.

Alongside the performances, a brilliant live band brought the play to life with music.

Crowd interaction was also nicely mixed into the musical performances, with actors using the open space in the aisles to engage with the packed audience. 

All in all this Centrestage Cymru production is delivered well and it’s more than worth grabbing a ticket before its final night tomorrow.