AS A BIG fan of Breakfast at Tiffany’s the film, I was eager and excited to watch the play at the New Theatre. 

However, this show follows more of the narrative of the original book, where the storyline was difficult to follow. 

Thankfully, the play was narrated by Fred (Matt Barber) helping to make sense of the action taking place. 

Georgia May Foote as Holly Golightly played a different role to the Audrey Hepburn style I had expected. 

In the shows promotional posters Georgia May Foote was dressed in an elegant Audrey Hepburn fashion but on stage she is blonde, less innocent and in a more casual dress. 

Despite this, the show was still enjoyable where you follow the story of Holly Golightly’s attempt at grabbing a rich husband to try and protect her brother. 

Love-struck Fred, tries his best to win the heart of Holly, but as a poor struggling writer he fails to succeed. 

Other characters such as caring Doc (Robert Calvert) and rational Joe (Victor McGuire) played their roles spot on.

A mention must also be given to Bob the cat, who was a delight to see on stage.

While this wasn’t the most dramatic play, it was a fun show that is worth a watch.