IF YOU’RE looking for a magical evening that’s interactive and full of surprises then Wyrd Sisters is the play for you.

The Newport Playgoers put their twist on a Terry Pratchett classic by setting out to save the kingdom of Lancre following the death of the king and fighting the new evil monarch.

The witches Granny Weatherwax (Adele Cordner), Nanny Ogg (Andrea Pyke) and Magrat Garlick (Natty Niering) take on the challenge and work well together on their mission, bouncing off one another and using humour to connect with the audience. 

The large cast performed well in stunning costumes against creative scenery, standout performances came from The Fool (Stuart Moss) and Duke and Lady Felmet (Luke Bowkett and Kate Summers) who brought the villainy and sadistic behaviour to add spice to the show.

The use of a giant film screen, special effects and magic tricks throughout meant the production was cleverly executed and enjoyed by all, really creating the illusion of magical goings on.

So if you believe in magic or think that you might like to, or are just a fan of the inspiring mirror of worlds of Terry Pratchett, then book your tickets as performances run until Saturday.

Julia Fitzgerald