THIS was my first time watching The Rocky Horror Show and the atmosphere began before I even entered the theatre. There were audience members walking to the show dressed in a mix of basques, stockings and gothic makeup; it was obvious they were here to have a good time! 

As a novice to the show, I was intreged to see what the plot entailed, and while I won’t give away the whole story, this is definitely not for someone who's offended by sexual innuendos and flashing body parts. 

The musical follows the characters of Janet (Haley Flaherty) and Brad (Richard Meek) when their car breaks down in a horrific storm. Seeking refuge, they stumble upon a castle owned by Frank-N-Furter but refuge is far from what they anticipated.

A massive applause greeted Frank-N-Furter (Liam Tamne) during his dramatic entrance on stage. From a ‘Sweet Transvestite,’ to a mad scientist that created the Rocky Horror (Dominic Andersen), this show definitely brings science fiction to life.

The Narrator, Philip Franks, was also brilliant! He was one of my favourites in the musical with non-stop humorous anecdotes between him and the heckling audience which is encouraged throughout. 

This show is a must if you would like a fun night out on the town. However, I can imagen that it doesn’t suit all tastes.

The show continues until Saturday.