THE Fully Monty was a delight to watch at the Wales Millennium Centre. 

Set in Sheffield, you follow the story of six out of work steel workers trying their hardest to find a way to make ends meet. 

These men, all with distinct personalities, choose to move their career in another direction and become strippers for one night only. 

All played faultless roles, fitting to their characters, where the interaction between all the cast is completely natural and believable. 

Gaz (Gary Lucy) was particularly brilliant in his role. He was presented as a typical northerner who was determined to get his act together so he could gain rights to see his son Nathan (Monty Poole). There are moving scenes between these two where Nathan is even prepared to give over his piggy bank in order to help his father succeed. 

From start to finish, this is an extremely funny show with natural humour rather than set-up jokes. The show touches upon many serious subjects such as depression, suicide, unemployment yet you still come out laughing! 

The dancing, acting and sets were all superb and, as you can imagen, there were many females in the audience with screams of excitement during the dancing/stripping scenes. 

Overall, this is a show not to miss - it continues until Saturday.