HARD, fast, heavy... and all a bit monotonous. The Ohio boys came, saw, but for me, failed to conquer.

Beartooth have been going for only four years, hence the largely uni-aged audience, and by the end I felt I'd witnessed yet another act which has its fanbase but won't be in much danger of adding too many more devotees.

You know the type of gig, all the diehards going crazy, moshing along, and the dragged-along significant others standing at the back looking like they were at a goalless football match on a cold and wet Tuesday night.

Simple reason is, for me, Beartooth just don't have that bit extra, that one early and memorable track which really grabs the attention of the casual attendee.

Still, all that said, they did enough to cheer the faithful (most of whom were enjoying one of their final nights before breaking up from their studies) delivering powerful bursts of pretty samey hard rock, tracks including Burnout, Aggressive, Sick of Me, Hated and Rock is Dead. Best came last, with King of Anything and Body Bag.

Come the end, I couldn't help thinking that for a band with such in-your-face song-titles and lyrics, they're a bit well, toothless.

Owen Pearce