MIND-BLOWING. While floating out of the venue on air after this triple-header metalfest, I really did think how on earth can I write a review that’ll do justice?

Well, I guess it’s best to concentrate on just a couple of the highest of the highlights.

First, a tale of two sublimely talented frontmen. Chicago-based Disturbed’s David Draiman, dressed in black trench coat and striding the stage as if he owned the arena, and Avenged’s Matt ‘M’ Shadows, a man who truly does land audiences in his palm.

Draiman strutted his stuff amid flashing lights and Rammstein-style flame-jets, and treated all to his wondrous voice.

Best of all was Simon and Garfunkel cover Sound of Silence, complete with cellos accompaniment, Draiman’s searing vocals giving people goosebumps.

Throw in classics including Stupify, Light, Stricken and an awesome Ten Thousand Fists, and the place was rocking. Warm-up? More like an inferno.

What an act to follow for Shadows. But, no fear, he nailed it. With plenty of crowd interaction and expressions of delight at playing Wales once again, he and his bandmates fired their way through years of Avenged brilliance with Angels, Nightmare (with backing from fan ‘James’ plucked from the crowd), Sunny Disposition, Acid Rain, Hail to the King and Planets.

Shadows leapt around with the energy of an Olympic athlete, and almost led his bandmates like a world-renowned conductor such was the sheer slickness of the performance.

The other best thing? The Avenged encore. As if we weren’t all breathless enough, cue whirling mosh-pit and ear candy extraordinaire for metal and rock fans: Bat Country, Piece of Heaven and Unholy Confessions.

A strong favourite for gig of 2017, and it’s only January.

Once again: Mind-blowing.