A BRAVE Bargoed shopkeeper described today how he tackled a knife-wielding robber after fearing he could use the blade on his little brother.

Manvin Der, 21, talked of his panic after returning to the Best One Convenience store his family runs to find a man armed with a hammer keeping guard and another standiung by the till threatening brother Jatwin, 19, with the knife.

He said: "I saw the hammer, but that wasn’t going to kill me. The knife was a different story. I ran towards him and pushed him back, hitting him twice. There was a fight, but then my dad came in as well and they ran away with nothing."

Mr Der suffered cuts and bruises on his face after being hit with the hammer while brother Jatwin, 19, sustained a broken nose after being hit by the butt of the knife.

Manvin Der was bravely back behind the counter today, less than 24-hours after the incident, with customers praising him and showing their support.

The would-be robbers arrived at the shop at around 4.30pm on Monday, February 11, when Jatwin Der was the only person in the shop.

They grabbed him and demanded he opened the till. But, the family had banked the money less than an hour before and it was empty.

However, they hit Jatwin Der with the butt of the knife and kept threatening him until Manvin arrived. Manvin Der added with a smile: "My mind just went blank and I had to save him. Little brothers are trouble."

Both brothers sustained injuries that needed treatment at Merthyr Tydfil’s Prince Charles Hospital.

After leaving the shop, the two men headed on to Hanbury Road towards the train station, where they attempted to steal a stationary car. However, the woman driver refused to get out and they ran on to Bridge Street towards the viaduct.

They are both described as being in their early 20s, white with short hair. The one was wearing a light grey tracksuit with burgundy stripes and a burgundy body warmer and hood, while the second was wearing a grey hooded tracksuit and dark grey jacket.

Call police on 101 with any information.