A MAJORITY of the Welsh public think the National Assembly for Wales should have more powers according to a new poll.

Some 62 per cent of Wales thinksAMs in Cardiff Bay should have increased powers, with 24 per cent in favour of the status quo.

Nine per cent said they were in favour of independence.

A total of 2,009 people took part in the poll conducted by Beaufort Research for the Silk Commission.

The survey said eight in ten people trusted the Assembly to act in Wales’ best interests, while a majority believed the body had given Wales a stronger voice in the United Kingdom.

The Welsh public were as likely to believe that the Assembly had the most influence over Wales as they were the British Parliament, the Silk Commission said, while around two-thirds wanting further powers within the next five years or beyond.

The Silk Commission is currently consulting with the public on future of the powers of the National Assembly for Wales.

Chairman of the commission Paul Silk said: “The results are generally consistent with trends identified in other surveys, but whilst they show a continued growth in support for the National Assembly as an institution and for it to have further powers, we need to mindful that the people of Wales have differing views.”

Andrew RT Davies AM, leader of the Tory opposition, said “These are interesting findings to inform the commission’s work recommending a devolution settlement, which is clear, efficient and carries the support of the people of Wales.”

Plaid's Jonathan Edwards AM said: "The UK government should bring forward a new Government of Wales Act during this parliament to enact the findings of its own Silk Commission."

The commission is taking evidence up to September 27. More information