A HIGH school teacher groomed teenage boys as young as 13, inviting them to his house to play bondage games and take drugs, a panel heard yesterday.

The General Teaching Council for Wales found three allegations of unacceptable professional conduct proven against Glyn Adrian Bevan, a former teacher at Risca Comprehensive School.

Bevan, 55, was accused of engaging in inappropriate and/or sexual activity with underage boys which date back to the 1990s.

This included supplying illegal drugs, alcohol and money to the boys, indecent assault, creating indecent photographs and encouraging them to visit him at his home and engage in bondage.

Evidence from young men recalled being tied up and taking photographs at Bevan’s home, which the prosecution said was grooming.

Man A said in a statement: “Mr Bevan bought us drugs including cocaine, LSD, amphetamine and cannabis. He gave us money - in fact he threw it at us.”

Another, known as Man B, visited Bevan regularly sometimes staying overnight.

The second allegation referred to the possession of indecent photographs of underage boys, found in Bevan’s Rogerstone home in 2010.

Police seized hundreds of photographs - some on display and even framed. Pictures depicted Bevan and younger boys taking drugs, drinking and engaging in bondage. Many of the boys were confirmed as school age.

A large amount of Gaffer tape and ropes were found behind the sofa.

In Bevan's statement he said the pictures were not taken for sexual pleasure and the boys were all of school age. He also said the boys sold drugs to him.

The third allegation, of failing to attend court and breaching bail related to previous criminal proceedings after Bevan was arrested on allegations of indecent assault in 2010. Bevan, who suffered a brain haemorrhage in 2009, was found unfit to stand trial and charges were dropped.

Bevan, who did not attend the hearing due to ill health, began working at Risca Comprehensive school teaching French. He continued until his suspension on November 2, 2010.

The committee is now considering what sanctions should be imposed.