CAERPHILLY County Borough Council is asking residents to be good neighbours and keep the noise down.

Noisy neighbours can be a nuisance, and the council is able to act against people who make excessive noise and ignore warnings to control volume levels from their homes.

If problems persist, the council’s environmental health officers can visit houses making unacceptable noise to investigate, serve a formal notice, prosecute, seize and destroy the offending items.

Noisy neighbours could also be fined up to £5,000. Last year the council received 1,100 noise complaints about domestic properties. Over half related to loud music. This year a Caerphilly resident was fined over £1,000 for watching their TV at an excessively high volume so it could be clearly heard next door.

In Fleur de Lys stereo equipment was seized from a one bedroom flat. It has now been destroyed or recycled.

Cllr David Poole, Cabinet Member for Community and Leisure Services, said: “People are often surprised the council is able to use a warrant to seize noise amplification equipment like TVs, stereos, speakers, DVD players and games consoles if they are causing a noise nuisance. These items could be lost forever if a destruction order is granted by magistrates. We understand now and again people wish to have a party or celebrate, but please keep noise levels low so as not to negatively impact on neighbouring properties.”

To make a noise complaint call 01443 866544 or visit