TEENAGERS at Blackwood’s Youth Centre were delighted to see the brand new signs they had designed for the facility.

Tanya Jones MBE, who has been a youth centre worker for 40 years, said: “They are brilliant – absolutely stunning.”

Members of Blackwood Youth Centre, which is now based at Blackwood Comprehensive school, worked with Blackwood-based signage firm Sign Rite to create the new signs, which took five months to complete.

The teenagers played an active role in choosing the design and colour schemes of the four signs.

As part of the process, members of Blackwood Youth Club paid a visit to Sign Rite for a tour of the premises to see how the signs were produced.

“The youngsters had a major input in the process,” said Ms Jones.

The signs include one which reads ‘Welcome’ and another for the cafe area.

“There’s more to come,” Ms Jones said. “We are now developing a piece of art work with a graffiti artist for the outside of the centre.”

The original youth centre on Woodbine road was destroyed by a fire in October 2009.

They have been at the replacement site for two years now and the finishing touches are just being made to it.