PUPILS from Risca Comprehensive School joined their head teacher and went on a special shopping trip for a good cause.

Four pupils and head teacher John Kendall were at their local Tesco Extra supermarket buying produce for the Risca food bank.

They spent a total of £100 from money raised by the school on their onesie day in December.

Mr Kendall said: “The pupils had good fun shopping. They used numeracy skills and judgment assessing good value against nutrition.”

The pupils, who are members of the school council, were joined by a representative from the food bank to help them.

The school council had decided they wanted to do something when they heard about the issues some people in their community were dealing with.

Joseph Lee, a year 11 pupils, who won the onesie competition in December, said: “It was good to be involved fully in the fundraising process and it was nice to make a difference in the community.”

They bought a range of things from the food bank’s shopping list including cereal, pasta and tinned foods.

The school are continuing to work closely with the food bank, and instead of sending Christmas cards, teachers and staff donated to the food bank.