GWENT Police will be running a motorists’ eyesight campaign throughout February to ensure that people behind the wheel are safe to drive.

Officers will be carrying out roadside eye tests following collisions, as well as stopping vehicles to test drivers if they believe they have reason to do so.

Statistics show that a third of all drivers in Britain could be breaking the law because of their poor eyesight and are therefore a serious risk to themselves and others.

The test will involve drivers reading a registration plate from 20.5 metres, as is required when taking a driving test for the first time.

If the driver fails , they will be reported to the DVLA for possible licence revocation.

Sgt Keith Rich, who is running the campaign, said: “Many people may think their eyesight is an acceptable standard for driving, however it may have gradually deteriorated over time without them even realising.

“It is so important to get your eyes checked regularly; this is a basic and fundamental requirement for driving and road safety.

“Please be responsible and take this as a reminder to visit the opticians, the alternative could mean you risk losing your licence.”

If drivers are wearing glasses or contact lenses at the time they are stopped, they will be allowed to wear these when taking the test.