STAFF at Caerphilly County Borough Council will be putting their best foot forward this month, as they aim to walk more than 100,000 miles for the CCBC Pedometer Challenge.

The CCBC Challenge is part of the national Wales Pedometer Challenge and staff are signing up to join the CCBC league, either as individuals or as part of a team.

Last year, as an authority CCBC staff walked 74,703 miles in four weeks, which is equivalent to walking around the world three times. This year, the target is higher, with staff aiming to walk 174, 307 miles in eight weeks.

The CCBC Pedometer Challenge runs between February 3 and March 30 and during this time staff taking part will wear pedometers to measure their steps. Simple ways for staff to increase daily stepping include walking to work, using the stairs rather than the lift and even walking to the furthest bin in the office rather than using the bin next to the desk. Walking is not the only way to rack up step counts – other activities staff can get involved in include swimming, playing football and even gardening.

Residents can keep an eye on staff’s progress on social media, as the challenge commences on February 3.