A TAXI driver who helped save the life of an elderly passenger says he was just doing his job.

Castell Cabs driver Robert Withers, 43, was at Senghenydd Health Centre to pick up a passenger on Thursday, February 6, when the man, believed to be in his sixties, suffered a cardio-respiratory arrest shortly after getting into the vehicle.

Mr Withers, from Trecenydd, said: “I was just doing what anyone else would have done.

“I ran into the health centre to get help and Dr David Minton came out to the car with me. He then resuscitated the gentleman and brought him back to life.

“The practice nurse came out with a defibrillator and oxygen mask, and I stepped back so they could treat him.”

He said there was then an agonising 10-minute wait for the elderly man to regain consciousness.

“It was quite horrific but I worked until the end of the shift – I just got on with it,” added Mr Withers.

The patient was eventually transported by ambulance to hospital, where he is recovering.

Dr Minton praised the quick-thinking of Mr Withers and said: “Robert stayed at the scene and offered to drive the patient to where an air ambulance was scheduled to land. We’d like to thank him for his efforts.