A DRAGON mascot will visit a supermarket in Blackwood on Sunday to help teach families about reducing children’s exposure to second-hand smoking in cars.

The Fresh Start Wales team and their mascot Patch the Dragon will be visiting ASDA Blackwood with a host of activities as part of a Welsh Government. Shoppers will be able to receive practical advice on where to get help to kick the habit.

A super-sized Health and Wealth Wheel will be on hand for smokers to estimate how much money they could save by quitting.

Families will also be able to test their carbon monoxide levels and lung capacity, while children can play with Patch and pick up a Fresh Start Frisbee to take home.

Research shows breathing in second-hand smoke can increase the risk of developing respiratory infections such as asthma, glue ear and serious illnesses such as meningitis, in children.

Children are particularly at risk from exposure to second-hand smoke, especially in vehicles where the confined space means it is too difficult for them to escape the 4,000 dangerous chemicals contained in tobacco smoke. It also shows that 80 per cent of cigarette smoke is invisible and can stay in the car up to two hours after you have put out a cigarette.

Fresh Start Wales will be at ASDA Blackwood from 10am. For more information, to request a Fresh Start pack or to sign the online pledge in support of the campaign visit Facebook.com/FreshStartWales or at www.freshstartwales.co.uk.