Gwent granddad claims One Direction star is named after him

4:52pm Tuesday 22nd April 2014

A GWENT granddad has claimed that One Direction star Harry Styles is named after him.

Harry Styles, 72, of Cross Keys, was working as a St John Ambulance worker in Birmingham 22 years ago when he treated a pregnant woman for an injury at a car show.

Mr Styles said the woman who he believed to be the mother of pop star Harry Styles, was so grateful that she said she declared that she would name her unborn son Harry after the paramedic who treated her.

“I was working for British Rail at the time,” Mr Styles said.

“As a first aider with St John you do all these shows, and used to treat people and talk to them while you work to keep them calm.

“While at a car show at Birmingham NEC around 22 years ago I treated a pregnant lady for a cut on her hand and was talking to her to keep her calm and she said to me that her last name was Styles as well because I had my name badge on.

“She said ‘if I have a boy I will name him after you.’”

Mr Styles, whose father's name was also Harry, was known by his middle name Elwyn, until recently when his name became associated with the famous boy band member.

Mr Styles worked with British Rail for more than 30 years and had been with St John for more than 20 years.

To this day he still does first aid with Cwmcarn football club.

“Harry is a good name,” he added.

“When my daughter heard the story she sent me a hoodie saying ‘Keep calm and love Harry Styles’ and dared me to walk through Cwmcarn wearing it.

Mr Styles added: "My daughter put up a picture of me on Facebook saying we had the same name."

Despite his connection to the star Mr Styles prefers 50s and 60s music to the likes of One Direction, and is a huge fan of country and western.

“I prefer that to One Direction,” he said.

“I don’t criticise them though because it is what the children like.”


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