A RETIRED Risca man is preparing to cycle the length of Great Britain to raise money for charities in memory of his parents.

Roy Doughty, 66, a former civil servant, will travel 1,050 miles from Land’s End to John O’Groats – starting on July 19 – to raise money for cancer prevention, seven years after his mother Gwyneth passed away from ovarian cancer.

His father died of a heart attack some years before.

Mr Doughty, from Elm Drive, said: “She was a fighter and refused to give up.

“When she found out what her diagnosis was, she dug her heels in and fought it.”

Gwyneth, who died aged 82, even did a sponsored ride on her mobility scooter around Cardiff Bay to raise money for cancer research.

Now Mr Doughty, who retired 16 months ago and refers to himself as a “leisure cyclist”, will take on his bike challenge which he aims to complete in 22 days travelling between 43 and 63 miles a day.

He said: “I’ve only ever cycled up to 43 miles on previous journeys, so this is by far the longest I’ve ever cycled.

“I know it’s going to be hard.”

The route will take him through Chepstow, where he hopes family and friends will join him to support that leg of the journey.

Mr Doughty has already raised around £400. As well as the World Cancer Research Fund, Roy is also raising money for British Heart Foundation, Sustrans, Cancer Research UK, the TLC cafe in Risca and his local church, St Mary’s, Risca.

Although Mr Doughty will be accompanied by a support team, he is covering all personal costs to ensure the charities receive the most possible.

To support him, look out for sponsorship forms around Risca or visit