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    GogExile wrote:
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    Newsboy2013 wrote:
    anigel wrote:
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    Ringland Boy wrote:
    scraptheWAG wrote:
    oh poor things perhaps you cosseted lots could try your hand in the private sector where you would work longer hours, have less holidays, not had a pay rise for many years, get 2 weeks sick leave, no flexi time , no pension and for many have the inconvenience of being made redundant every five years or so and that does mean loose your job not put in the redeployment pool like in the public sector.

    The real reason this crowd complain about their lot for many they have never had a job in the real world and despite moaning and **** never managed to crawl out from out from under their public sector rock. Which reminds me I bumped into a old neighbour at the petrol station a university lecturer who told me he is now on leave until mid sept, i drove of thinking these people really have not got a clue!!
    Usual rubbish, I work in the Public Sector and you are telling lies.
    Holidays Most get 20 Days, only people with more than 5 years service get any more.
    Longer Hours, I work my contracted hours - why should anyone work more AND NOT GET PAID, if you do you are a mug.
    Pay rise - our pay has been frozen for four years
    Sick Leave does not exist
    Flexi time - whats the problem ? As long as an Office is manned when it should be who cares if some work 8-4, some 9-5 , some 10-6 or whatever ? They still get paid the same.
    I pay over well 6% of my wages to my pension, it will be worth 4,000 a year when I retire at 66 hardly a fortune. I have a Pension from a previous private sector post which will pay over twice as much.
    Yes I have had a job in the 'real world' and left it because I applied for and got a public sector job which paid more, any one would .

    Do the private sector make staff redundant every five years ? I dont think so .
    Whats wrong with a redeployment pool ? It means people are retained and fill in where required until permanent posts are found.

    Yes I have had a job in the 'real world' and left it because I applied for and got a public sector job which paid more at the time, any one would .

    I have a clue and its idiots like you who haven't

    Now at the moment the staff where are seriously pi$$ed off with the way we are being treated. and if I was running a Council thats the last thing I would want, all business Private or Public needs an element of goodwill both ways. However morons like you and some of the contributors to these forums still expect me and my colleauges to give our best, well let me tell you THAT AIN'T going TO HAPPEN, you don't slag someone off and then expect them to help you. You reap what you sow.
    Sick leave does not exist in the public sector? WOW do you honestly expect anyone to believe that. You are now the one telling lies and by association discrediting everything else you said
    SIck Leave DOES NOT EXIST, and never has - if anyone goes sick there is a strict policy involved, there is no 'Allowance' or 'leave' . I work there - I know. And I may be a lot of things - but I aint a liar !
    Well sorry you have just proved your lies as I know exactly the opposite to be true in many public sector departments in not just in local council but also in other areas. so sorry you keep spouting your lies and union propaganda You have shown yourself up for what you are.
    I have just had a relative who has had 2 times 6 months sick for stress within the last 24 months on full pay and when asked about it they replied well I am entitled to it in the public sector .
    I think people in the private sector need to stand up for their rights too because obviously people who work there are not satisfied with the entitlements they receive. Therefore, I suggest you take on your employers, as the public sector are doing (you don't get paid for strike days though) and stop moaning about what others are getting. Be proactive and do something about it. I'd suggest David Cameron as a starting point to lobby for a living wage!
    There speaks someone who has no idea about a worldwide employment market. Push too hard in manufacturing and your site gets closed and moved to a country with a cheaper labour market. That's why that joke of a Union (Unite) got all chopsy at the Grangemouth oil terminal and then utterly capitulated and accepted all the company's demands. Fires in Newport can't be fought from Poland, kids in Newport can't be taught from India. Industrial action is something only the public sector can indulge themselves in these days. Seriously, when did you last hear of a successful, large scale Union result in the private sector? I work somewhere where Unite is the union. Utterly toothless and people, like I did, are cancelling subs month upon month. So, fight your good fight but don't call on the private sector as we are the ones who will be cast aside and another revenue stream to pay public employees will cease to exist.
    People in the public sector also are in danger of losing their jobs if they stand up for themselves. That isn't just the privilege of the private sector. I've worked in both. I worked for a private nursery as well as in the public sector. All I'm saying is, people moan and moan but are to scared to say anything, so put up with low wages, etc etc. Maybe its time they didn't, because that's how the employers etc get away with it. However, this government has indeed made it harder for employees to stand up for their rights by introducing the fees that you have to pay for going to a tribunal. Again, that's one that we could all lobby the government about but do we? No. If you do try and stand up for you're rights you run the risk of being called a leftie! Don't just call others over for doing something about working conditions, get involved. If there's a petition, sign it, if there's a vote, vote for those who will protect your interests, and stop putting up with it!!"
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Thousands of Gwent workers to walk out on strike

Thousands of Gwent workers to walk out on strike

Thousands of Gwent workers to walk out on strike

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MORE than 18,000 Gwent union members are set to strike on Thursday, including teachers, fire fighters, dinner ladies and local government workers, in various disputes over pay and pensions.

Bin collections are set to be missed and burials moved to different days as an estimated two million union members will strike in what the GMB are describing as the second biggest union walk out ever across Wales, England and Northern Ireland.

Most Gwent schools are predicted to shut on Thursday due to the mass joint action by members of the National Union of Teachers (NUT), Unison, Unite, the Fire Brigade's Union, the Public and Commercial Services (PCS) Union and the GMB.

Firefighters will walk out between 10am and 7pm on July 10.

Many public sector workers, such as those in local government, are protesting against what they describe as an "insulting" one per cent pay rise offer, while the likes of the NUT oppose cuts to existing pay and pensions.

Glasllwch Primary and St Julian's School in Newport, Abertillery Comprehensive and Risca Comprehensive School have already informed parents they will be closing for the day due to staff shortages, although organised trips will still go ahead.

Newport High School will be closed to Years 11, 12 and 13 but will remain open for Years 7, 8 and 9, while Llanwern High School will be open to Years 9, 10 and 12 only.

Torfaen council has warned that negotiations between employers and trade unions are ongoing and changes could happen right up until the day of the strike.

A spokesman said: "Negotiations with the trade unions are ongoing for employees delivering ‘life and limb’ council services such as personal care, protection of vulnerable children and adults and meals on wheels to receive exemption from the industrial action and it is expected these services will operate as normal."

Pontypool's Civic Centre is likely will be open for staff but residents are advised to phone ahead before trying to visit and any payments should be made online or in advance.

Leisure services transferred to the Torfaen Leisure Trust will not be affected.

Dominic MacAskill, local government officer for Unison based in Swansea, said they have around 12,000 members in Gwent and predicted a further 6,000 to strike from Unite, the GMB and the NUT.

No rallies are planned in Gwent, with the nearest being in Cardiff, although pickets are expected around local government offices.

More than one union has told the Argus they expect most schools to be closed - with teachers, caretakers, support staff and dinner ladies all off.

Mr MacAskill said this was the biggest strike he could remember since mass action three years ago by health and local government workers over pensions.

Unite national officer for local government Fiona Farmer said the aim is to get employers back round the table to negotiate what she describes as a fair deal for workers, namely a £1 an hour pay rise for local council staff.

Owen Hathway, policy officer for NUT Wales said striking members will sacrifice a day’s pay and pension and the decision "was not taken lightly".

GMB national secretary, Brian Strutton said his members voted three to one in favour of strike action.

"We have tried sensible discussions, we've sought to negotiate reasonably...but to everything we've tried the employers have said "no"," he said. "So we have no choice."

He said that in October, the national minimum wage is predicted to overtake local authority pay scales.

Are you a parent? Have you had a letter from your child's school saying they will shut due to strike action? Let us know by leaving a comment below or e-mail

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