A TRINANT man who fatally stabbed his friend did not act in self-defence and is a “devious liar”, a court was told yesterday.

Paul Mapps, now 27, of Marshfield Road, denies murdering Ian Davies, 27, in January this year.

Gwent Police were called to reports of an incident on Marshfield Road at around 7.30pm on Saturday, January 11.

Mr Davies, 27, suffered what police called a “wound to the torso” and was taken to the Royal Gwent Hospital where he later died the same night.

Mapps claims he acted in self-defence after Mr Davies came towards him with a bottle of vodka at a house party, where the defendant claims he was not welcomed.

The jury at Cardiff Crown Court heard closing speeches from both the prosecution and the defence yesterday (Wed).

Judge Neil Bidder QC is expected to begin his summing up today (Thur), before the jury, made up of six men and five women, will be sent out to reach their conclusion.

Yesterday (Wed), the jury heard prosecution barrister Paul Lewis QC claim that some evidence given by Mapps was “fictional”.

He has previously questioned whether Mapps was actually scared of Mr Davies, as the defendant claimed, despite him being a black belt in karate.

Mr Lewis said: “This does not involve violence towards a trespasser. [Mr Davies] did not burst in – he was going to a party.”

Earlier this week, Mr Lewis also asked Mapps about an anger management course he had attended.

Mapps told the court he had learnt to control his “internal triggers” but could not control “external triggers”.

Mapps previously told the court Mr Davies had come into his house, uninvited, using a vodka bottle as a weapon, before he stabbed him.

Peter Griffiths QC, defending, told the court yesterday (Wed) that Mapps will have to “live with what he has done for the rest of his life”, but claimed “you could hardly swing a cat” in the kitchen where the incident took place.

He said: “Just because he has previous convictions does not mean he is a murderer, ladies and gentleman.

“Do you blame [Mapps] for not wanting the chap there? It’s his house.”

He also questioned the reliability of some of the prosecution’s witnesses, claiming some were “set against my client”.

Mapps had previously said he had been celebrating his sister Dawn Mapps’ 30th birthday on both January 10, and January 11.

He said he was was on a cocktail of ketamine, valium, cocaine, mephedrone and alcohol when he stabbed Mr Davies.

In a statement, his family said Mr Davies was "a loving father, son, brother, nephew, cousin and a loyal friend to many”.