UPDATE: 12.20pm

Resident Kathryn Whatley, 50, has been living nearby since November and said there had been quite a few problems in the area since she moved.

“We have had quite a few loud nights,” she said. "I was watching Big Brother when I heard the police sirens around 8.30pm.

”Police were there for hours-until around midnight. There were about half a dozen armed police with police dogs.

“I heard the sirens and looked out of the window and saw police cars parked outside my house.

“I saw some of the neighbours outside their houses and knew something was going on. I went out but was told by police to get back in. I was quite worried.”

A 24-year-old resident who had been living on Twmbarlwm Close for two months said: “We saw all of the flashing lights and thought it was an ambulance.

“We then saw the police cars at the bottom of the road. Next thing we know there is an ambulance down here.

“The neighbours were all standing outside and there were armed police there with about eight police cars.

“Police told us it wasn’t safe so we had to go back in. So we looked out the windows and saw the critical man carried to the ambulance.

“Police closed off the back gate and kicked the door in.”

UPDATE: 11.45pm

Two residents said that they saw “half a dozen armed police and one police helicopter” around 8.45pm on Wednesday.

“It is frightening,” they said.

“One lady near us has packed her bags and left to stay with her mother as she is so frightened to live here.”

Ian Oliver, 38, has been a resident for ten years and said there have been problems on the estate for a while.

Another resident said: “I saw armed police whizzing past the window so I jumped up because I saw the lights flashing around 8.45pm.

“I saw a couple of people out before police told us to go back in again so I looked out the window for a bit. I have four children so it is worrying.

“I have been here 15 years – this shouldn’t be happening. It is terrifying especially for the kids.”

UPDATE: 10.53am

Argus reporter Sophie Brownson at the scene said one resident said police told her to go back inside when she came out of her home following the commotion.

UPDATE: 9.56am

A MAN died after being stabbed in Risca last night.

Police and ambulance were called to an address in Twmbarlwm Close in Risca at about 8.45pm last night after a 35-year-old man was discovered with stab injuries. He was taken to the Royal Gwent Hospital where he later died.

Two men have been arrested on suspicion of murder and they are currently in police custody.

A Welsh Ambulance Service spokeswoman said they were called to Twmbarlwm Close at 8.45pm last night.

A paramedic in a rapid response vehicle and a crew in an emergency ambulance were sent to the scene and they took the injured man who was in a critical condition to the Royal Gwent Hospital.

Eyewitnesses report that armed police were on the scene until the early hours of this morning.

UPDATE: 9.39am

POLICE have cordoned off two areas in Risca after a reported stabbing last night.

The incident is said to have happened on Twmbarlwm Close yesterday.

Two scenes of crime operations have been set up.

An eyewitness said a helicopter was seen searching the area last night.

Bob Collins from Trenewydd Park said that he saw a helicopter near the street at 8pm.

He said: “The helicopter was flying low with its light on, as though it was tracking somebody, and it stayed for about an hour.”