WORK at the M4’s Junction 28 have started - and are expected take 16 months to complete.

Here is everything you need to know.


Ahead of the works, Newport City Council has issued a temporary prohibition of traffic order and a speed limit order. 

In the order it says the temporary road closures will be in place between 8pm and 6am and that they will be phased as the work progresses. It says diversion routes will be signed for each closure.

The order also states that a 40mph temporary speed limit will be in place in the majority of the roads affected from Tuesday, March 21, for the duration of the works.

The speed limit will cover all carriageways of Tredegar Park roundabout, Cardiff Road from Pont Ebbw roundabout to its junction with Tredegar Park roundabout, Forge Road from its junction with Tredegar Park roundabout to the terminal points of the permanent 30mph speed limit to the south of Bassaleg roundabout and the Risca bypass to the north of Bassaleg roundabout for approximately 200 metres northbound.

It will also cover the road from the junction of the southbound on-slip road from Chartist Drive to the terminal point of the permanent 30mph speed limit on the northern side of Bassaleg roundabout southbound.

The order states cyclist won’t be allowed in the three roundabouts and the A48 between Tredegar Park and Pont Ebbw roundabout, amongst others. 

It says that alternative routes for cyclists will be provided. 

The orders are operative from March 21 and will continue in force for a period not exceeding 18 months.


According to data provided by the Welsh Government, the existing M4 Junction 28 roundabout together with the adjacent roundabouts at Bassaleg and Pont Ebbw are used by more than 6,000 vehicles an hour at peak times.

A spokeswoman for the Welsh Government said: “Strategically, M4 Junction 28 is the principal link between the M4 and west Newport, which is a major employment area.

“The improvement of all three junctions is seen by the Welsh Government as an important part of its programme for economic regeneration providing access to jobs, safe reliable journeys and improved resilience for the trunk road and local network in south east Wales.”

The scheme specific objectives are to increase throughput at the junctions, increase the use of the Southern Distributor Road (SDR) and to reduce delays to movements between M4, A48, A467 and the SDR, amongst others.

The estimated construction cost for the scheme is £13.7 million, the Welsh Government has said.


Project manager Tom Kenyon said: “Works at Bassaleg roundabout will start on March 20.

“We will only be working in two roundabouts at a time to minimise the impact on traffic. The whole roundabout won’t be closed.”

He said that, for all three roundabout, the work is going to be carried out in phases – they will do one leg approaching the roundabout at a time to disrupt traffic as little as possible.

“We will have off-peak lane closures between 9.30am and 3pm to get material and equipment in the area,” he said.

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In all three roundabouts, re-surfacing will be carried out and new street lighting and drainage will be installed.
The traffic lights installed in all three roundabouts will respond to real time traffic flow. 

Tredegar Park (J28)

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The main change will be two additional lanes being introduced at the bottom of the M4 eastbound off-slip, with a new dedicated through road to the SDR from the off-slip. 

The first two lanes will be dedicated to go towards Forge Road or to go round the roundabout, back towards Cardiff.

The shape of the roundabout will also be altered, from circular to elongated.

Supplementary traffic islands have been provided to separate flows, increasing capacity and improving safety.


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The main change in this roundabout is going to be the addition of a third lane when approaching the roundabout from Forge Road. 

There will also be increased junction capacity on the roundabout itself, with a third lane added in parts, as well as the addition of a second lane when coming off the roundabout to Caerphilly Road.

Permanent full-time traffic signals will be installed to allow smoother traffic movements by providing balanced traffic flows between the routes. 

Pont Ebbw

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The main change in this roundabout will be the creation of a new though-link from Tredegar Park to the SDR in both directions, so traffic will be able to cut through.

A second lane to come off the roundabout towards Cardiff Road will be added and the A48 eastbound approach to the roundabout will be widened.  

There will also be additional lanes on the roundabout.

Supplementary traffic islands have been provided to separate flows, increasing capacity and improving safety.

To find out more

You can visit an exhibition being held on March 1 and 2 in the Graig Community Centre in Bassaleg, which is open to the public from 11am to 8pm on both days.

Members of the construction team will be available to discuss the proposed improvements, as well as representatives from the Welsh Government and their agents, the principal contractor and the scheme designers.

For more information about the proposed works visit

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