CAERPHILLY Council Plaid Cymru group leader Cllr Colin Mann writes about the ongoing senior officers’ pay issue and says “A Plaid Cymru administration...would seek to resolve this terrible drain on council taxpayers as quickly as possible,” (Letters, 9 March).

Here’s a simple question - HOW would the Nationalists resolve this issue differently from our Labour-led administration’s approach? The Council must abide by the laid-down legal requirements for their disciplinary investigation of this issue.

Labour will resolve this issue as quickly as possible just as soon as the disciplinary procedure is complete.

Whether it’s setting a council budget or resolving this investigation, Plaid Cymru in Caerphilly are clueless, inept and unable to propose any alternative.

For protection of the public services we depend on in the face of ever-deeper Tory cuts, let’s hope Labour are re-elected to lead Caerphilly Council in May.

Cllr Gez Kirby, St Andrews Drive, Pontllanfraith