PEOPLE of Caerphilly County Borough Council, not just the people, but also the elected members of every political party.

Is it not time for everyone to stand up and be counted, I refer to the leaders on (special paid leave) in particular Daniel Perkins, Anthony O’Sullivan and Nigel Barnett, the chief officers of the authority who awarded themselves huge pay rises that have already cost US the ratepayers over two and a half million pounds which would certainly have been better spent on legitimate things like social services and the like.

I say sack them now and put the responsibility for those concerned to take legal action against the authority, which would have them pay for their own legal costs if the authority was found to be at fault.

This not only apply to the officers concerned but also the elected members that approved the pay rise.

Rise up people of CCBC and voice your views to your elected members demanding action, we deserve better.

Ken Holder Hill Street Newport