RESIDENTS in Risca have said the bypass next to their homes is “ruining their lives”.

People gathered in Tir-y-Cwm Road for a community council meeting earlier this month to discuss the problems they face due to the “excessive noise” from the A467 bypass near where they live.

Around 50 residents turned up to speak out about the issue, which some said have been a problem for years.

Resident and community councillor Tim James said: “A lot of us have lived here ever since the bypass was built.

“When it was first built, the road surface was relatively quiet and we could live with it.

“It was tolerable but over the years it has got louder and louder.”

Cllr James also said the bypass was resurfaced last September but that the council told residents they had to go for the “cheapest option they could get, but the best”.

“Well it might be the cheapest but it’s not the best,” Cllr James added, “Not for us anyway.”

Amanda Webb, who lives with her husband in nearby Tir-y-Cwm Lane, said the noise is “so bad” she cannot open her windows.

“When it’s a lovely day you want to open the window and get fresh air in,” she added.

“But I opened the window in my bathroom when it was sunny the other day, heard the noise and immediately shut it again. There’s no peace and quiet.”

Even with the window shut, Mrs Webb said she can hear the noise from the road.

“It’s like this 24-7,” she said. “I had an operation in August last year and I was off work, stuck in the house all day.

“The noise got to the point where it was driving me bonkers. I was hearing it all the time. My husband had to take me somewhere because I couldn’t stand it any more. We just went somewhere where it was quiet. That was all I wanted, just a bit of quiet.”

A spokesman for Caerphilly County Borough Council said: “We are aware of the concerns about noise at this location and a site visit took place recently when council representatives met residents to discuss these issues. We will review the situation to see if there are any options that can be considered in future.”

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