CHARITIES are appealing for volunteers from the Newport and Torfaen areas to support people suffering from loneliness and isolation.

The British Red Cross and the Co-op are looking to recruit 30 volunteers to “spend a little time” with those who have become disconnected from their communities as part of the Community Connectors service.

The appeal follows Newport and Torfaen being identified as having a “particular need for support” by the charities, alongside Carmarthenshire and Conwy.

British Red Cross needs to recruit 20 volunteers for Torfaen and 10 for Newport with the service aiming to help as many as 650 people by offering positive encouragement, practical help and emotional support.

Volunteers will also work to identify activities, facilities and services to help build confidence and re-engage people with their communities.

British Red Cross’ Community Connectors co-ordinator for South Wales, Nicola Wannell, said: “People can find themselves in these sorts of situations all too easily.

“Bereavement, illness, a separation, the loss of a job, these times of personal crises can all lead people to become lonely and isolated but they are not always easily identified as being so.

“Luckily, there are plenty of people who want to help and we are calling for those people to come forward to support those who need a helping hand to reconnect with their communities.”

She added:“Volunteering with the Red Cross is incredibly fulfilling and our volunteers often find that they get as much out of the work they do as the people they help.

“By spending a little time with people affected by loneliness and social isolation, you can make a huge difference to people’s lives.”

To volunteer with Community Connectors, visit: