A NEW organisation for social care in Wales has come into existence today.

Social Care Wales is a Welsh Government-sponsored body, responsible for making sure the social care workforce in Wales works to the highest possible standard and supports them to deliver evidence-based practice.

It brings together the Care Council for Wales and the Social Services Improvement Agency, combining their functions for regulating, supporting and developing the workforce.

Its main functions include setting the standards for the care and support workforce, making them accountable for their practice and to support the early years and social care workforce so they have the knowledge and skills to protect and support those who need help.

Sue Evans, Chief Executive of Social Care Wales, said: “This is an exciting time for social care in Wales with the coming into being of Social Care Wales. We’re a new voice for the social care sector and our aim is to improve the quality of care and support in Wales, so that people can always rely on it.”

For more information, visit socialcare.wales