FILMMAKERS from across the globe visited Blackwood last week for the second Welsh International Documentary Festival (WIDF).

The festival - which took place between Wednesday and Friday - saw 1,500 filmmakers take part in documentaries, workshops and networking events.

Events were based at two venues – Blackwood Miner’s Institute and the Maxine Cinema.

This year’s festival attracted three times the amount of visitors from last year and several documentary screenings were completely sold out.

And the festival also saw a visit from producer and Shameless actor Jonny Owen and This Is England actress Vicky McClure, who presented awards to documentary makers on the Friday night.

Mr Owen said he was “delighted and honoured” to be at the “rapidly expanding festival”.

He said: “The entries this year are a fantastic testament to the commitment of the founders and volunteers at the festival who have worked so hard to bring high quality films from across the world. I hope it goes from strength to strength.”

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