A COUPLE who tied the knot at church today have claimed their wedding “is the first of its kind on Good Friday”.

Natalia Morgan and Geraint Dean, who live in St Sannan Road, Blackwood, met in 2012 and decided last year to get married on what is the most important date in the Christian calendar.

The pair chose to get married St Augustine’s Anglican Church in Pontllanfraith.

Miss Morgan said: “I wanted to get married on Good Friday because my sister’s birthday is on the same day.

“We are very close and I felt it was a lovely thing to do.”

The 25-year-old added: “I’m not religious but the church does stand for love and that’s why we’re marrying there.

Given that Good Friday, for Christians, is a solemn day as it commemorates the death of Jesus Christ, Miss Morgan said she “doesn’t think it’s controversial” that she’s marrying on the same day.

She said: “I can understand why the church might be angry and confused at someone wanting to get married on that day.

“At the end of the day Good Friday is a very important and a sad day for the majority of people.

“But the wedding will be uplifting.”

Miss Morgan said that it was during a recent wedding rehearsal that she was told the wedding “is the first of its kind”.

She said: “The vicar told us that he had never heard of a wedding taking place on Good Friday and no-one that I know can either.

“He also said that we are probably the first people in the country to get married on this day.”

A spokeswoman for the Church in Wales said: “Good Friday is a solemn day in the Christian calendar and therefore it is very unusual, although not forbidden, to celebrate weddings in church on that day.

“At the same time we recognise it is the start of the holiday weekend and for many people it may be one of the few opportunities to bring friends and family together to share an important occasion in their lives.

“In this case, the wedding at St Augustine’s was booked before it was realised the date was Good Friday. Father Mark Owen, the priest-in-charge, chose to honour the church’s commitment as it did not coincide with or affect any of the six Good Friday services taking place in the ministry area and the couple were aware that the church would not be decorated.

“We hope the wedding goes well and the couple have a very happy future together.”

A member of the Church in Wales clergy, who did not wish to be named, added: “In my 30 years of service to the church I have no memory of a wedding taking place on this day and am certain that this could be a first.”

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