A BUSINESS owner has claimed he is worried for the safety of his staff and customers after his shop window was smashed.

Haroun Vaughan, of Pontlottyn, runs the New Ystrad Fish Bar in Ystrad Mynach.

He said is worried for his staff and customers – as well as his business – because of “frequent” anti-social behaviour in the town.

Most recently the 47-year-old’s shop window was smashed in a “street brawl”, which he said has cost him around £2,000 for the damage.

Mr Vaughan said young people regularly hang around on Commercial Street in the town but their behaviour is causing an issue for locals.

“I know all of my customers, the business is a family business and all of my staff have worked here for more than seven years,” he said.

“For them (the staff) to tell me they are afraid and worried all the time is not good. If anything happens at work I have to come all the way from Pontylottyn. If anything were to happen (to the staff) it would make me feel so guilty.

“I don’t want them being too scared to work.”

Mr Vaughan said he is also concerned for his customers and said people have been asking the New Ystrad Fish Bar if it can deliver.

He said: “The fish bar is part of the community now. We know all of our customers and we get feedback from them. When someone says they are too scared to come and get a bag of chips because they have to walk past some youths you know it’s bad.

“People have asked if we do delivery but if I start doing that everyone will expect it and it will cost me business wise.”

A dispersal order was issued by Gwent Police on the weekend, which lasted from 5pm on Friday until 5pm on Sunday. It covered the A472, Caerphilly Road, Cedar Way, Pine Grove, Trinity Close, Pen-y-Cae, Heol Brynteg, Trinity Fields School, Ystrad Mynach Park, Ystrad Mynach bowls club, Ystrad Mynach Tennis courts and all public spaced and thoroughfares nearby.

Speaking regarding the issue of anti-social behaviour in the town, local Caerphilly North inspector Andrew O’Keefe said: “Our officer are increasing their patrols in the affected areas and a patrol plan is in place to ensure an increased visible presence. During officer patrols, individuals committing offences have been proactively dealt with and those later identified through enquiries as behaving anti-socially will have letters sent to their parents. I’d like to appeal to all parents and ask for them to make sure they’re aware of where their children are on the weekend and ask them to warn their children to act responsibly to avoid any further action. Anti-social behaviour that affects the public will not be tolerated and this will be dealt with appropriately by my officers. If any members of the community are worried about anti-social behaviour in their area, or can identify those responsible, I’d ask them to report it to us so that we can take action to help, please call 101 or 999 in an emergency.

"Anti-social behaviour is a priority for us and we are working with our partners to address this problem.”

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