RSPCA Newport Animal Centre has launched an urgent appeal for two long-stay dogs seeking special forever homes.

American bulldog Martha, and lurcher crossbreed Ollie, have been at the centre for a number of months, and are urgently seeking for a home.

A spokeswoman for the RSPCA said: "Martha was signed over into RSPCA care in February, after being found in the garden of a property with a very prominent ribcage, with no food available and sleeping in a shed, on top of boxes, and clutter.

"She is approximately eight years-of-age, thrives on attention and could live in a family home, though not with a cat. She's a gentle, loving dog, who loves human companionship and is hugely affectionate - making her the perfect forever friend for someone ready to give her a lot of affection."

The spokeswoman said Ollie is a younger dog – at two years-of-age.

"He has a knee problem which a new owner would need to consider, as he has patellar luxation - where the kneecap is dislocated from its normal position," she said. "He loves company, and has an amazing, friendly personality once he gets to know someone.

"He came into RSPCA care after his previous owner was not in a position to provide appropriate care. Ollie has been seeking a home out of the Newport Animal Centre for three months."