A MAN who broke another man’s jaw with a single punch while attempting to “act as peacemaker” has been jailed for six months.

Ieuan Jenkins, 21, of Heol Cae Bach, Caerphilly, had pleaded guilty to a single count of inflicting grievous bodily harm on June 29 of this year.

The court heard that the complainant, George Nicol-Lewis, had been walking through Lansbury Park estate in the direction of the doctor’s surgery when a group of youths - three boys and a girl - walked past him.

Prosecutor David Pugh said that one of the youths, who is around six feet two inches tall, said something to Mr Nicol-Lewis which caused him to stop.

“An argument began between the complainant and the larger youth but the complainant starts to leave,” said Mr Pugh.

“The larger youth of the group begins to follow him to Coed Main, where the defendant came out of a house.”

The court heard that Jenkins began talking to the youth, who then started to push Mr Nicol-Lewis and stop him from walking away.

Mr Pugh said that the man spoke briefly to Jenkins, who revealed that the youth was 14-years-old rather than, as Mr Nicol-Lewis had assumed, around 17.

“The complainant and the youth began to grab each other and as this happened, the defendant tried to break them up,” he added.

“He moved behind the complainant when there was a brief lull in the altercation, then the complainant was struck on the jaw and he fell to the floor.

“He knew his jaw was broken from the feeling.”

A further assault was carried out by another youth while Mr Nicol-Lewis was on the floor but by that point Jenkins was no longer involved, the court heard.

Mr Pugh said that the victim was taken to the Royal Gwent Hospital by his fiancee and that the subsequent operation on his jaw has left him “inconvenienced and low on confidence”.

Upon his arrest, Jenkins fully accepted that he struck a blow on Mr Nicol-Lewis in an attempt to protect the youth as he had been “aggressive towards him”.

Edward Mitchard, defending, said: “It was an impulsive act as he was trying to get between them. He threw one punch, knew he had caused significant damage, and stopped.”

Jenkins had previously been convicted for violent offences in his youth, which was referenced by Judge Tom Crowther QC as he passed sentence.

He also told Jenkins: “You had joined the group as a peacemaker but your punch was significant enough to break the complainant’s jaw and leave him with a painful injury.”