A CHARITY single will for a little boy with Williams syndrome will encourage people “never to judge a book by its cover”.

Talk to Me is a song which is being recorded by a number of Welsh artists for Harrison Evans, a four-year-old Newbridge boy who was diagnosed with Williams syndrome at the age of one. The idea for the charity single came about after Gavin Clifton - a song-writer also from Newbridge - read about a fundraising event for Harrison in the South Wales Argus in July this year.

Mr Clifton got in contact with Harrison's parents Sarah Bennett-Evans and Scott Evans and told them about the song Talk to Me.

Mr Clifton said: “I’ve been looking to release a single for charity for quite a long time now. I was born with cerebral palsy, so I’ve had the experience of growing up with a disability myself, and I’ve also experienced the issues and barriers that Harri has and may well come up against in life.

“I noticed Harri just lived a mile or two from myself so I decided to read more into Williams syndrome, and upon doing that, realised that Williams syndrome and Cerebral palsy are pretty similar, so I could relate to why the Williams Syndrome Foundation, along with Scott and Sarah want to raise more awareness, so Harri and others like him can be supported and accepted.”

Mr Clifton said Talk to Me - which was co-written by himself and other local songwriters Dan Curtis and Laura Curtis - will hopefully “help people understand Williams syndrome a lot more” and will “encourage them to interact more and maybe befriend people with disabilities such as Williams syndrome or Cerebral palsy.”

Around eight music artists from across Wales got together to record the single at Shabbey Road Studios in Caerphilly on August 15 after Mr Clifton got in touch to ask them to contribute over Facebook.

It is currently undergoing editing before being released later this year under Mr Clifton’s company Clifton Music.

All money raised by sales will go to the Williams Syndrome Foundation.