LEGO enthusiasts around the world could soon hold Wales’s largest castle in the palms of their hands — and there’s only 50 days left to make it happen.

A specially commissioned Caerphilly Castle replica made out of LEGO was entered into LEGO Ideas last year by the Welsh Government’s historic environment service (Cadw), and with enough public support, it could be considered for mass production.

LEGO artist Adeel Zubair of Little Big Art is the man behind the model, which was created in the style of the company’s popular architecture range.

The structure will need to get 10,000 votes by September 15 to go through to the LEGO Review, where a panel of experts will decide its fate.

Online supporters and LEGO enthusiasts have praised the design, commenting that it “captures all the iconic parts of this amazing castle perfectly” and that they’d “definitely buy one.”

Ken Skates, cabinet secretary for economy and infrastructure, said: “Caerphilly Castle is Wales’s largest castle, and its backdrop, complete with its leaning tower and moats, is recognisable across the country and beyond. It would be a great privilege to see the mighty fortress sat alongside other LEGO models such as Paris’s Louvre and Venice’s Rialto bridge.

“If enough people support our bid we could see the model available in LEGO stores all over the world — one day we may even see a Welsh collection featuring more of our inspiring sites.”

Owner of Little Big Art Andy Morris added: “We really enjoyed working on this project with Cadw.”

To support Caerphilly Castle through the remainder of the LEGO Ideas process visit: