FIGURES have revealed that the number of drink driving tests carried out by Gwent Police during one month in 2016 and 2017 fell by 91 per cent.

Statistics from the police force show the dramatic fall in breath tests being carried out across the region during June last year and the same month this year.

The statistics - which were released yesterday - show that June 2016 saw a total of 1,104 breath tests conducted, while the same month this year saw just 88.

Despite the significant decrease, the number of positive, refused or failed breath tests over the same period fell by just 17 cases though, from 51 to 34.

South Wales Police, meanwhile, also saw a fall in the number of performed breath tests in the same months, but only from 1,819 to 1,629.

As a whole, the four police forces in Wales, which includes Dyfed Powys Police and North Wales Police, carried out a total of 9,532 breath tests in June 2016, compared to 4,622 tests this year - a drop of 51 per cent.

Superintendent Glyn Fernquest, who oversees road policing in Gwent, said the police had adopted a more “targeted approach” which enables officers to catch “irresponsible drivers”.

He said: “By adopting a targeted approach based on working with communities and acting on specific information, it enabled us to be in the right place at the right time to deal with the small minority of irresponsible drivers, who make the decision to get behind the wheel after drinking alcohol or taking drugs.

“As a result, almost 40 per cent of the tests we conducted were positive, refused or failed.

“Taking just one chance can have truly devastating consequences for you, your loved ones and others road users.”

He added: “Our advice is to please plan ahead and ensure that if you are out having a drink, make sure you have a safe and reliable way of getting home.”

The released statistics also highlighted the total number of drug tests administered from June 2016 to June 2017.

The amount carried out by Gwent Police in June 2016 stood at 65, with a slight rise to 70 this year.

But the number of positive tests actually fell in this period, from 39 to 16.

Overall the total number of drug tests administered by the four police forces slightly increased, from 199 to 205.