A SON who stole hundreds of thousands of pounds from his frail mother’s retirement fund has been ordered to pay back around £5,000 by a judge.

Monmouthshire businessman, Graham Westbury, was jailed for three-and-a-half years at Merthyr Crown Court this year after pleading guilty to multiple theft charges.

As previously reported, the 66-year-old was given power of attorney when his mother Joyce was diagnosed with Alzheimers and the fortune was split between him and brother Keith.

When the will was read, the spending of Westbury - who ran an agricultural engineering business in Usk before moving to Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire - was revealed.

Over ten years, the court heard Westbury switched money between several accounts using “concealment”, leading to a £243,939 shortfall.

On Thursday, September 7 he was produced from HMP Prescoed Prison and appeared in Newport Crown Court for a hearing under the Proceeds Of Crime Act (2002).

The court heard Westbury benefited from £235,292 - a figure which involved two bank accounts and one Ford Transit Van.

His available assets were labelled at around £4,952 and Judge Daniel Williams made a confiscation order under the act.

Westbury must pay £4,952 by December 6 or receive another three months imprisonment in default.

As previously reported, most of Mrs Westbury’s money was from the sale her £235,000 detached house and her pensions and other savings went towards care home costs until her death in 2011 - three days short of her 91st birthday.

It was revealed that Westbury bought a new house – complete with a £40,000 extension – shortly after taking over his mother’s finances.

But the court heard that most of his money was squandered on living expenses.

His brother has also begun civil proceedings over the missing money.