A BUS driver accused of causing the death of an elderly woman by careless driving in Newport city centre last year had “enough opportunity” to see her crossing the road, a jury has heard.

The court has previously heard that Nigel Davies was driving a bus down Bridge Street on Friday, September 23, last year at around 3.05pm when he hit an elderly woman, Rashida Ali, leading to her death.

Sergeant Robert Witherall, of Gwent Police’s forensic collision investigation unit, told the trial today that he attended the scene of the crash at around 3.45pm.

He described the scene as a “busy city centre on a Friday afternoon”.

“This is the road giving access to the city centre, it has a huge volume of pedestrians and vehicles,” Mr Witherall continued.

“It is a hazard rich environment.”

The sergeant said there are two “potential” blind spots in the Stagecoach bus Davies was driving - one in each front pillar supporting the windscreen and windows.

“The Highway Code indicates, before moving off, you should check your mirrors and blind spots,” he said.

“I agree on the position of the blind spots, but it is a matter of perspective. If your head is moving, your perspective of the blind spot is moving.

“In my opinion, it is highly unlikely that Mrs Ali would have remained in the blind spots at all times.

“I think there was enough opportunity for him to have seen her on the road.”

He said there were no defects with the bus which could have contributed to the crash.

“There were no marks to indicate emergency braking, such as skid marks,” Mr Witherall added.

He said that, according to the Highway Code, in urban areas where it is likely there will be pedestrians, you should drive “slowly and carefully”.

“There is no suggestion that speed contributed to the crash,” he continued. “Looking at the CCTV footage, I would estimate the speed of the bus to be 10 to 15 miles per hour.”

Prosecuting, Alexander Greenwood, said that Mrs Ali had walked 8.5 metres into the road when the crash happened.

Mr Greenwood said the bus travelled a further 11 metres before coming to a stop.

Davies, aged 29, of Lewis Street, in Ystrad Mynach, pleaded not guilty to causing death by careless driving at an earlier hearing held on May 2.

The trial began at Newport Crown Court on Monday.