THREE local authorities in Gwent will be allowing its residents to recycle wrapping paper over Christmas.

Last week, the Argus reported that Torfaen council had informed its residents that wrapping paper could not be accepted by the recycling company due to its low quality.

A Newport City Council spokeswoman confirmed that Newport Wastesavers will be accepting wrapping paper in their recycling, providing that it can be torn and is not foil or plastic.

A spokeswoman for Monmouthshire County Council said: ‘We can confirm our waste and recycling teams will accept wrapping paper.

"We ask that residents do not recycle foil, ribbons, glitter paper and place these in refuse bags if in doubt take the “scrunch test” if it scrunches and stays its paper if it bounces back its mixed material and we can't recycle it.

"Over the Christmas period we encourage our residents to continue to recycle as there will be an increased amounts of plastic and glass."

Similarly to Monmouthshire, Caerphilly's waste collectors will be able to accept wrapping paper but cannot take the shiny foil gift wrap.

Cllr Nigel George, Caerphilly council's cabinet member for neighbourhood services, said, “Our recycling collection service is provided every week of the year – I’d like to thank all those who are currently participating in our recycling schemes and would encourage all of our residents to recycle even more wherever they are able to over the festive period”.

Cllr Fiona Cross, Torfaen's executive member for the environment, said: “As a resident I know we all tend to buy more and generate extra waste over the Christmas period. This year we have an added issue as UK paper re-processors have told local authorities that they will no longer accept wrapping paper for recycling as the quality of the paper is too poor.

“To free up space in the purple-lidded bin we are asking residents to make full use of the kerbside recycling service as most of the waste produced by the average household over Christmas can be recycled. This will free up space in your wheelie bin and reduce the amount of waste we have to send for processing.”

Blaenau Gwent council will not be able to accept wrapping paper, like Torfaen.

A spokeswoman for Blaenau Gwent council said: "We will be locating refuse vehicles throughout the borough on Sunday, December 31, for residents to dispose of additional black bag waste/nappy and hygiene sacks and wrapping paper.

"Locations will be available to view on our website, Facebook and Twitter accounts during December.

"Christmas wrapping paper is not recyclable, please place in a black bag/bin for your three-weekly refuse collection."