PUBLIC Health Wales is reminding people of the importance of personal hygiene following the discovery of cryptosporidium in swimming pools this year.

Anyone who has had diarrhoea should not to go swimming for at least 48 hours after symptoms cease.

Individuals diagnosed with cryptosporidiosis should avoid using swimming pools for 14 days after their symptoms have stopped.

Showering before swimming is also recommended.

Chlorine disinfection kills most germs in swimming pool water but cryptosporidium can survive.

Dr Rachel Chalmers, head of the cryptosporidium reference unit for Public Health Wales, said: “Swimmers’ behaviour is just one of the ways of helping to keep pools clean.”

In 2012 there has been a rise in the number of people diagnosed with cryptosporidium infection across the Wales.

By the end of September the number of cases had exceeded the total for all of 2011.

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