By Gerald Davies, executive chairman, Kymin

I’m off to Norway next week and on the way I shall have some time to contemplate the state of the world. In view of the impending NATO summit in Newport, there is a lot for all of us to consider. No wonder that the level of security is overwhelming.

For once the powers that be have got it right. There could hardly be a greater threat at any time since NATO was founded in 1946. And it’s all happening in Newport. Trouble in Iraq, Syria, Libya, the Ukraine - the list goes on.

Meanwhile we are hosting the heads of government of the 28 NATO member countries, not to mention senior representatives from 40 other nations. I hope no one will moan about the precautions being taken.

Among the countries attending are those unfortunate ones whose economies are being strangled by the Euro. Deflation stalks the markets and, as you know, deflation is far worse than our old enemy, inflation.

So what to do in relation to investments? First, it is important not to lose our nerve. The markets survived the Cuban missile crisis in 1982, the Stock Exchange crash in 1987, the appalling events on 9/11, so I guess we will survive the present problems as well. It is important not to panic. Many of us have long term contracts, such as pensions which, when looking back in ten years will probably register a blip on their performance in Sept 2014.

One opportunity which may arise is, if there is a market fall, that there are some who will profit from this. If, for example, you have spare cash, doing nothing in a bank, you could do worse than top up your ISA for this year. So many people buy at the wrong time, if there is an opportunity, don’t miss it this time.

Meanwhile, keep your fingers crossed for an outbreak of common sense and peace. I’m bound to say, however, don’t hold your breath.