With day visits and spend in Wales up 36.6 per cent and 50.9 per cent respectively on the previous 12 months, one Welsh organisation capitalising on this tourism boom is, Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales, which manages the National Roman Legion Museum in Caerleon.

Responsible for seven museums spread across Wales, including the National Roman Legion Museum, it made sense for this custodian of Welsh history to sign up to .cymru and .wales domain names, said Dafydd James, head of digital media, at Amgueddfa Cymru - National Museum.

He said: “Using the Wales domain names has helped us to reinforce the cultural identity of our organisation, satisfy the needs of our bilingual audience and strengthen the ‘Welshness’ of our brand. We reach more people online through our events and exhibitions features, social media, curatorial content, learning resources and collections information, than we do through our physical spaces and an online presence is therefore hugely important to us.

"The .cymru and .wales domain names stand out more than typical domain names and create a point of difference from other museums in the UK. All of which helps us in attracting new visitors to our seven sites across Wales.”

Adrian Barsby, chairman of the Welsh Tourism Alliance, said: “With Welsh food, sport, landscape, culture, adventure, hospitality and legends gaining international reputation for quality, we understand why so many enterprises are adopting .cymru or .wales domain names and helping to reinforce Wales’ unique identity.

"In a fast moving, competitive marketplace, any marketing advantage that also supports Wales, by standing out against competitors, is welcomed. .cymru and .wales reflect the strong unique identity that will help reinforce Wales’ reputation as a welcoming nation at the cutting edge of technology whilst steeped in myths, history, culture and, of course, legends.”

Jayne Kendall, at Nominet, the registry which manages the .cymru and .wales domain names, said: “Welsh tourism is riding on the crest of the wave and a strong digital presence will be key for businesses looking to harness this trend to drive visitor trade.

"Securing a Wales domain name should be top of the to-do list for any committed destination marketer. Many tourism businesses, large and small, across Wales have already registered to use a .cymru or .wales name and are reaping the benefits - so we’d absolutely encourage others to follow their lead.”