Monmouth-based Siltbuster, one of the UK’s leading water treatment specialists, is helping to minimise water pollution from the site of the new Trago Mills superstore in Merthyr Tydfil during its ongoing construction.

The periods of heavy rain experienced in the local area since the construction began last year have been resulting in large amounts of water runoff mixing with exposed soil particles from the stripped surface at the site. This silty water is dirty and discoloured and if it gets into the water course could lead to harm to fish and the natural environment.

Kier, the company managing the construction of the new store, called in Siltbuster last year to help solve the problem of the dirty water and installed one of the company’s automated chemical dosing and settlement units at the site.

Dr Richard Coulton, CEO of Siltbuster Group, said: “The glacial geology of the local area means that the site sits on a mix of large, heavy gravel, silt and sand held together with clay – so when it comes into contact with water, it’s a pretty dirty combination. Thanks to our treatment systems, we’ve been able to ensure that any water present on the site is cleaned to the highest standards making it completely safe to discharge back into the local environment.”

The construction of the new superstore is expected to take several more months and the Siltbuster systems will continue to operate until the work has been completed.

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