Two men from a Blaenau Gwent firm have been spending their days rubbing shoulders with the stars of stage and screen.

They've been behind the scenes on blockbuster movie sets and their clients are some off the biggest companies from around the globe – Coca Cola, Calvin Klein, Disney, Gant, Harrods and United Emirates.

The two men are from one flourishing business which has made a name for itself when it comes to fire protection.

Wes Fisher and Chris Carpenter are the brains behind Flame Protect UK, an Abertillery-based company which specialises in flame retardants.

The pair has travelled all over the world carrying out fire retardant application, fire extinguisher commissioning and servicing and fire proofing.

What started out as a small family business is growing into an empire that has help make Flame Protect UK a leader in the market.

As well as the usual products you would expect to need flame retardant application – curtains, furniture and fabrics, the pair regularly work on film and TV sets helping out in the preparation of stunt work.

Alice Through the Looking Glass is just one of the films they have worked on and the team is regularly seen walking around Albert Square, Coronation Street and the set of Hollyoaks.

However, the company abides by strict confidentiality policy to ensure their clients secrets are safe when it comes to storylines and commercially sensitive information.

Other projects include working behind the scenes at Disney on Ice and the Glastonbury Festival.

Wes Fisher said: "Our work is our passion. We have grown this business from scratch and we have developed a range of products that offer the best protection for our customers.

“We pride ourselves in leading the way on fire retardant work and we want to raise awareness of the service we provide. We work with our customers to give them the best protection available against a fire and help buy the time to get people out of harms way.”

Chris Carpenter said: “No two jobs are ever the same. One day it could be spraying chairs and fabrics for a council or a hotel chain, the next we could be called to Pinewood Studios to spray the set before a blockbuster stunt. We worked on making the enchanted forest at the Harry Potter experience, we have sprayed the giant Christmas tree at St Pancreas Station. Our work is varied and our client base is vast."

The company is now entering its fifth year of trading and is looking to expand it service, which also includes carpet, upholstery and office cleaning.