A MURDERER who strangled a retired teacher during a robbery in 1991 has been arrrested after breached the terms of his life licence, police said today.

Jason 'Jay' Soal, 37, served 12 years in custody for the murder after being detained ‘at her Majesty’s pleasure’ - the equivalent of a life sentence for a juvenile. He was released eight years ago in 2004 on a life licence.

He was 17 years old at the time of the killing.

Soal, from Trethomas, who is also known as Jason Brindley Davies was convicted of the murder alongside a Cwmcarn 20-year-old at Cardiff Crown Court on September 11 1992.

Soal admitted both charges of robbery and murder.

The pair had gone to the retired teacher's Llanbradach home in September 1991 planning to steal £2,000 and steal his car. However, once the victim had invited them, he realised they were there to rob him.

When he asked them to leave they dragged him upstairs to his bedroom, and smashed a cupboard drawer over his head, tied him up with an extension lead and strangled him with a telephone cable.

The pair then jumped in their victim's car and went to Gloucester for the night, before returning to Gwent the following morning.

They then spent the day using the £45 they had stolen from their victim to drink in Cwmcarn pubs.