Caerphilly borough council bosses have been urged to donate their inflation busting pay rises to the poor.

Twenty-one Caerphilly council officers received pay increases of up to 30 per cent last week causing public outrage.

Plaid Cymru councillor Lyndon Binding, today urged them to voluntarily donate their rises to local food banks. 

He said many people are struggling to make ends meet while senior managers have enjoyed rises bigger than many people earn in a year.

Councillor Binding said: “These increases are totally unacceptable. They have been given rises which in many cases are more than ordinary council employees earn in a full year.

“Many people in the county borough are struggling to put food on their table as well as pay their heating bills. I appeal to all chief officers who received these rises to donate them to local Trussel Trust Foodbanks in Risca, Pontllanfraith and New Tredegar, which do a fantastic job helping the hungry.”

Figures from the Trussell Trust’s Cardiff Foodbank reveal they have fed 70 per cent more adults and children in 2012 than in 2011 with 535 people in October alone.

Councillor Binding added: “These increases have severely damaged the reputation of Caerphilly County Borough Council which the management team are charged with helping to improve. They need to bear that in mind.

  “I hope the senior officers will show some Christmas spirit, do the decent thing and donate the payments they have received to foodbanks. I’m pleased that Labour members have finally seen sense in aiming to get the decision on pay rises reversed which all residents and council employees will expect.”