A GRANDMOTHER slapped a bouncer before lunging at him with a screwdriver after her son was allegedly beaten up at a Blackwood nightclub on Christmas Eve.

Sheleen Cook threatened doorman Craig Lear with the tool and warned him: “I could put this in you, you bully boy”, Caerphilly Magistrates’ Court heard yesterday.

The 43-year-old, of Stanley Street, Blackwood, admitted assault by beating, using threatening words and behaviour and having a bladed article outside the club.

Magistrates heard she confronted Mr Lear with her two Rottweilers at the Vanilla Bar in High Street.

The court heard she placed her right fist on his chest and slapped his face. The court heard he slapped her back before she handed over her dogs to a bystander and threatened him with the screwdriver.

Prosecutor Keri McCarthy said Cook goaded and swore at the doorman before, smelling of alcohol, she was arrested

Llyr Williams, mitigating, said violence erupted after Cook's son was badly assaulted, claiming he'd taken “a pasting”.

The court heard the bouncer told her he'd “deserved it” but she claimed he was the victim of an unprovoked attack.

Mr Williams said Cook was carrying the screwdriver because she needed it to fix bicycles given to her relatives as Christmas presents.

He added Cook was “remorseful” for her actions. Cook was granted unconditional bail and sentence was adjourned to Newport Crown Court on February 7.