FIVE generations of the Jones family have just celebrated their matriarch’s 81st birthday.

The Newbridge clan consist of great-great-grandmother Enid Jones, 81, her daughter Lesley Rousen, 60, granddaughter Jeannette Jones, 41, great-granddaughter, Tammy Jones, 18, and great-great-grandson Denni Roberts, nine-weeks-old.

Jeannette Jones, 41, said: “Denni is my first grandchild and it’s great that we now have five generations in our family.” Jeannette’s grandmother, Enid, was born in 1933 in Oakdale and used to sing musical numbers in clubs between Ebbw Vale and Newport in the 1950 and 1960s.

The family celebrated her birthday with a gathering of the five generations at the great-great-grandmother’s home on Caerbryn Road, Pentwynmawr, last week.

Baby Denni who’s mother is Tammy, Jeannette’s eldest daughter, was born weighing 8lbs 2oz.

Jeannette said: “He was born partially deaf in both ears. He has two hearing aids, we didn’t know they could make hearing aids for such small babies. He’s a very happy baby.